ANDREW H. GREEN (February 5, 1830 - 1918) was one of the founders of Theta Delta Chi fraternity at Union College in Schenectady, NY, along with Abel Beach, Samuel F. Wile, Theodore B. Brown, William Hyslop, and William G. Akin. Green was born in Utica, NY on February 5, 1830. He entered Union as a sophomore in 1846. In the winter of 1846 - 1847, Theodore B. Brown recruited Green to join the other founders in organizing a fraternity. Professionally, Green practiced law after being admitted to the bar in Virginia in 1851. After a brief stint from 1854 until 1856 as the Advocate of the U.S. Pacific Squadron, during which he spent a significant amount of time in California, Green returned to New York to practice law until 1905. Green died in 1918, in New Hartford, New York.